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Welcome to Rancho Camilo Romero!

You Will Love This Extraordinary Place for Horseback Riding in Mexico

In 1890, Jesús Romero and Camilo Romero acquired this land and started building the house and the lake besides.

They participated in the construction of the railroad with President Porfirio Díaz who liked to go hunting with them to El Jazmin, also owned by them.

Thru the years the ranch was used for livestock, agriculture, horse breeding and camping.

During revolution, haciendas and ranches were reduced and land distributed to farmers in very small areas destroying the ranches capacity of production.

My father, Camilo Romero, spent his life in the construction of important areas of infrastructure of Mexico City working at the building company of his brother.

My father is the one who repaired the house. He belongs to a family full of Mexican traditions, the real Mexican Charro.

I am Camilo Romero Basurto, your host, I grew between the unsleepy city and the tranquility but adventurous feeling of the ranch with all type of wildlife and cattle, sheep, fighting bulls and of course the best human friend, the horse.

Finally after a life invested in business in Mexico, I return to the ranch and made my dream come true, being able to leave the disturbing city and work in my beloved place meeting friends from all the world, who feels the same passion for horses and the countryside living.

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Spectacular Landscapes

Beautiful views inside the hacienda and in the surroundings.


Choice of morning rides and afternoon rides.

Hospitality Offered by Owners

We want to share our love for the countryside, animals and Mexican traditions.

Delicious Traditional Dishes

Cooked with the finest local ingredients we prepare healthy regional meals.

*15 Collaborators working together for an unforgettable experience.


                                                                        Safety and hygiene for your rest. 

To give you greater security and confidence we made a collaboration with 3M Commercial Division of Cleaning and Disinfection Products and the use of disinfection, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal products registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was determined.

The program, Travel with Confidence, includes all areas of the hotel and operating procedures from your arrival to your departure and return to the airport.






Our maids carry out the normal cleaning process specified in our protocols.
We will apply 3M products on all hard surfaces such as doorknobs, walls, windows, table tops, surface of toilets, bathrooms, killing 99.9% of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

To achieve better coverage In the disinfection process, we will spray another 3M specialty product onto soft surfaces such as fabrics, curtains and furniture to inactivate any pathogens or microorganisms.

* For more information about the program please contact us.